About IBM SmartCloud

IBM SmartCloud for Social Business is a portfolio of online services, hosted by IBM, that delivers scalable, security-rich email, Web conferencing and collaboration solutions. IBM SmartCloud for Social Business is delivered through the SaaS model. IBM SmartCloud for Social Business services provide users with new ways to work more effectively with people inside and outside their company, including customers, partners and suppliers, at a very predictable monthly rate. You can also access IBM SmartCloud for Social Business webcasting services, instant messaging and more, right from your mobile device using IBM SmartCloud Mobile.

  • A security-rich solution providing full messaging capabilities for web, desktop, and mobile.

    Business class, enterprise grade email. Efficiently manage and send email with all the features you expect, including type-ahead, spell-check, and conversation threads.

  • The social business tools you need to work with colleagues, customers, and partners, including file sharing, instant messaging, and communities.

    Your Social Business dashboard. Stay up-to-date with a consolidated view of your social business network.

  • An online meeting space for sharing presentations, documents, and desktops across web and mobile devices, both inside and outside your company.

    Web meetings with audio, video, and screen sharing. Host online meetings with all the features you need, including application and desktop sharing, video streaming, chat and Q&A, annotation tools, and polling.

  • Instant, real-time co-editing

    IBM Docs provides real-time co-editing, allows for document comments and discussions, and leverages task management capabilities from Activities to seamlessly allow work group members to assign sections and work privately on their own sections.

  • Stay in sync with mail and meetings while on the go.

    Access your IBM SmartCloud and collaboration services right from your mobile device. Be available and access information anywhere, any time. Attend important online meetings and send and receive e-mail directly from your mobile device.  You can collaborate on the go, saving you time and giving you unparalleled flexibility.