About IBM Forms Experience Builder

IBM Forms Experience Builder automates forms-based business processes to help improve efficiency, customer service, and time to value, making you more responsive to customer and market needs. Forms Experience Builder makes creating forms easier than before by dramatically reducing the time and effort required to deliver compelling, interactive applications. Simply compose the form within your browser, send or publish a URL for respondents, be alerted of submissions and download submitted data to a spreadsheet for analysis, all without help from IT. Data captured in Forms Experience Builder is easily integrated into existing line-of-business systems using a drag-and-drop web service interface. Solutions designed with IBM Forms Experience Builder are agile and easily changed to accommodate changing business requirements


As of September 30, 2016 the Forms Experience Builder functions of Greenhouse will be shut-down. In advance of that date you must take action to move any of your Forms Experience Builder applications to an alternate environment. This can be accomplished using the Export and Import functions of the FEB product on each application you want to preserve or keep operational.

IT IS IMPORTANT that you take this action prior to September 30th. After this date your application and its data will no longer be accessible on Greenhouse and there will be very limited capability to gain access to your applications or the related data on Greenhouse. For instructions on Exporting/Importing, please see the following :

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

  • Dynamic Fill Experience

    - Comprehensive set of data capture items, formulas and rules work seamlessly to increase productivity.
    - Create engaging, personalized layouts and smart interactions using formulas
    - Customization with JavaScript & CSS
    - Guided interactions with show & hide logic
    - Role-based views and actions
    - Responsive content using rules

  • Simple Creation

    - Easy-to-use web based design tooling targeted for LOB users
    - Drag & drop design experience with flexible layout
    - Apply advance features quickly with graphical rules & formula editors
    - Rapid development with automatic binding to data records
    - Simple role & user security assignments with quick to setup routing
    - Full data capture solution is simple to construct, easy to change, and quick to deploy

  • Agile Routing

    - Role-based access control and adaptable business processes automate user notifications and approvals
    - Guided data capture experience with show & hide based on role
    - Automatic generation of email notifications
    - Ability to invoke services at routing steps
    - Flexible routing using rules

  • Flexible Integration

    - Extend, streamline and automate business processes or social engagements
    - Embed in existing web applications, in Portal or run stand-alone
    - Integrate with Web/REST services
    - Enclose links in emails, social sites or mobile applications