About IBM Connections

IBM Connections is social software for business that empowers you to be more innovative, enabling efficient execution of business strategies by calling upon the expertise of networks of coworkers, partners, and customers. These networks become vibrant professional and customer communities that help you discover information, develop and refine creative ideas, and collaborate with the right people to achieve faster business results. With the ability to access IBM Connections from a mobile device you have the capability to search the distributed knowledge base, access experts and collaborate while away from the office.

  • Bring together your people, information and ideas

     Designed with business people in mind, IBM Connections software gives you fast access to everyone in your network - your colleagues, customers and partners. Features like communities, blogs and activities can be set up for internal use -- keeping sensitive business information safe -- or for external use to help you engage and build trusted relationships.

  • Can you open the doors to collaboration without sacrificing peace of mind?

    You need to protect your information and network -- unlike some public, consumer-based social networks, IBM Connections software is built for business and can help you deploy a comprehensive, integrated social software environment behind your firewall. You can control access, determine who can see what, implement the measures you need to help enhance security, and ultimately, empower your teams and relieve day-to-day IT burdens.

  • Build on a flexible and open application environment

    IBM Connections software is designed to be easy to manage and extend. You can access your social network just about anytime, anywhere -- using popular software, like Lotus Notes, Lotus Sametime, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office and/or your mobile device. You can create mashups and embed social capabilities, and extend them to other applications.